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10 Amazing & Cheap Products: Curly Girl Method on a Budget

This is a list of the 10 best curly girl approved hair products on the planet.

The best part? All of these items are less than $13 (most are less than $10)!  

Let's get started!

1. LA Looks Blue Gel

A ton of variety comes in this line which have different scents, holds, and protein content.

The most popular among curly gurlies is the LA Looks Extreme Sport gel which has the famous blue color.


LA Looks Sport Blue Gel for Curly Hair. Cheap gel for curls.

This gel has a hefty amount of protein, which would be great for you if you think your hair is lacking protein. Make sure you low porosity haired people aren't using this though. Check this comment out by a fellow curly girlie:

Gotta tell ya, a lot of peeps love this gel for its strong hold, giving you nice definition. Also, this gives a little cast so it looks wet if you're looking to have that look.

The best way to use this gel is, right after you wash your hair with sulfate free shampoo and deep condition (depending on whether or not you need to), spread this lovely goo all over your hair.

Either section your hair and start scrunching, or be like me and lazy scrunch. I just spread it all over then scrunch with a microfiber towel.

Go back to your middle school days and feel the nostalgia kicking in when you squirt some in your hand, and style your hair with this gel.

Again, great ingredients and fairly cheap!

2. Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse

Mousse is one of those products that don't have as much weight as the gel and spray counterparts.

Herbal Essences Curls mousse. Cheap drugstore mousse for curls. affordable mousse curls. cheap hair product.

This lightweight mousse smells like berries heaven, and holds your curls so nicely, although you might get a "crunch" if you put too much in your hair.

Best way to use this nifty little product is, after getting out of the shower, squirt out a nice amount of mousse into the palm of your hand. Next, plop your hair for at least 15 minutes with an old cotton t-shirt.

It's great for someone on the go, and best of all, no silicones or parabens!

Your curls will be defined the whole day while soft and touchable.


This spray gel is so convenient! I mean, who doesn't like a spray that can get all of your hair sections for you?!

Herbal Essences set me up gel. Cheap gel from drugstore. Gel for curly hair.

This is meant to tame your hair in humid weather and help you achieve bouncy healthy hair (with a nice shine).

You can either plop, or diffuse for luscious ringlets. Diffusing usually tends to make everything more defined anyway.

Another thing to note here is, this product is free of glycerin. That means, it won't weigh your hair down with unnecessary moisture. If you're frizz prone, and need something to tame it down, this can definitely help!

Glycerin free also means that this is perfect for using while diffusing, since glycerin is a thermal conductor, and will probably fry your hair from the inside.

Don't use too much though, as it's maximum strength hold. Again, this smells absolutely amazing - cactus flower and bamboo essences are the theme.

4. Broo Shampoos and Conditioners

This hair care line is made out of beer!

Broo shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. Sulfate free shampoo. silicone free conditioner. Curly girl method shampoo and conditioner. Cheap drugstore shampoo and conditioner for curly hair.

It has a bunch of protein and minerals that your curls can soak up, and can be especially beneficial to those who have high porosity. I doubt there is any alcohol in this, but the smells are pretty awesome.

The main protein in this line of products is the barley. Medium to high porosity hair will love this.

Your hair will most likely get some texture and fullness since the product is filling in the porosity with the barley protein.

When you have highly porous hair, it usually means the hair strand holds a ton of moisture...aka frizz. To combat frizz and have a good canvas for everyday styling and getting those defined, full looking curls it's probably best to get that protein in.

What a great thing, that porosity stuff, huh? And beer?!


5. Garnier Fructis Nourishing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask

Although this says mask, you can totally use this as a conditioner in the shower.

garnier fructis nourishing treat one minute hair mask. hair mask for curly hair. drugstore cheap hair mask. curly girl method hair mask.

After your shampoo (or no poo), put some all over and wait at least 2 minutes before you rinse. It leaves your hair so soft and touchable, you'll want to try all five scents!

The avocado one is actually the best selling and most popular.

Why, you ask?

Here's a screenshot of an actual Amazon review of this product, the avocado extract one in particular:

Well for one thing, if your hair feels like it needs a bit more nourishment without any added protein (or if you think you're overloading with the protein products), this is perfect!

It's just the right amount of moisture and smoothness, without an overload.

6. Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner

These two products are being counted as one item, because they are sooooo amazing!

trader joes tea tree tingle shampoo and conditioner. best cheap hair products. tea tree hair products from drugstore. peppermint oil shampoo and conditioner. cheap shampoo and conditioner.

I've been using these products for maybe 6 years, give or take.

As some awesome online reviews have put it, the shampoo cleans really well. It really does tingle, and the scent it so refreshing that it feels like I'm on minty snowy winter adventure with candy canes everywhere.

I mean, when you hear Trader Joe's instantly the image of moderately wealthy and posh women getting organic cucumbers come to mind. Well, if I were a moderately wealthy and posh woman, I'd be getting this product! The shampoo suds up as if it has sulfates in it (it doesn't). The conditioner feels like a thinner deep conditioner.

Your hair just chhluuuuurppp! soaks up all of the organic ingredients.

If you leave a little bit left over in your hair, it will feel like you have leave in conditioner in your hair! It's truly amazing, and it should be a hair staple for every hair texture and type.

7. Yes To Carrots Conditioner


say yes to carrots conditioner. drugstore natural cheap conditioner. all natural silicone free conditioner. curly girl method conditioner all natural drugstore.

If you're looking for suggestions for a holy grail protein free product that's cheap that you can also find at the drugstore, well read on.

As the product name suggests, you should absolutely say yes to the conditioners (carrots, blueberries, cucumbers) in this line of Yes To...

The carrots conditioner almost acts like a deep conditioner. It's easy to comb through your hair easily while you're in the shower. It also smells great, and the ingredients are soo good.

Being said that, low porosity hair would most benefit from this product.

The best part is, if you're just starting out you can totally use this product as an all around product.

Find it at Target!

8. Cantu Natural Hair Moisturizing Twist & Lock Gel

The Curl Activator has been reviewed heavily online, and most of them go along the lines of "beyond amazing" and "super moisturizing".

cantu twist and lock moisturizing gel. best drugstore product for 3c to 4c hair. cheap drugstore hair gel for black hair. good cheap gel for nappy hair. cantu gel.

It defines your curls and gives your hair a lot of pleasant volume. It is not heavy, doesn't weigh your locks down, and smells great! Definitely no "crunch".

Although this product is marketed toward type 3b to 4c curls, other curlies have also found this to be very beneficial too!

It's been heavily reviewed on hair forums and online stores. What you can usually do is after dampening your hair (or after a shower) start putting it all over your hair strand by strand. You can even do finger coils, have some nice ringlets after your hair dries.

Braiding your hair with this and then sleeping overnight is a good idea if you're trying to achieve that perfect overnight curly look without heat.

9. Suave Conditioners

You can choose from apple, coconut, white cherry blossom, or everlasting sunshine scents which have been around for who knows how long! 

Suava original conditioner. Silicone free conditioner suave. Cheap drugstore conditioner for curly hair. Good smelling conditioner from drugstore.

These are great staple conditioners.

The most fun you can make out of these is.....drum roll please!


It's basically an alternative to your usual shampoo regimen so that you're not using lather.

What you do is: get use this to rub all over your scalp to break down the excess oils you might want to get rid of. The reason why us curlies do this is because even some of the sodium lauryl sulfate free shampoos strip the oils of your hair that it needs.

Great smell and great ingredients -- oh, and very inexpensive!

10. Shea Moisture Hair Masks

Hair masks under this brand are phenomenal to have a good protein treatment with. 

shea moisture hair mask. deep treatment mask cheap. shea moisture protein hair mask. moisturizing protein hair mask from drugstore. cheap hair mask from drugstore. shea moisture products cheap. curly girl method shea moisture.

You might ask yourself:

Don't hair masks give more nutrients to the hair than a conditioner?

It's common to wonder if you should just use masks instead of leave-in conditioners instead.

For one, regular use would probably overload the hair and make it feel heavy. If you have high porosity, it will definitely be heavy because it's absorbing so much product into the strands.

Overall, this is great for once a week or so.

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