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4 Life Changing Remedies to Cure Your Dry Scalp

You know how you're supposed to condition your hair and moisturize your skin?

Well, guess what? 

Your scalp is part of your skin, and moisturizing the scalp is the best thing you can do to cure your dry scalp.

Your scalp is very important to grow healthy luscious locks, just as important if not more than your hair itself.

It's very common to just confuse the two. If you see flakes, you're assumption might be that you have dandruff so you swarm the drugstore aisle to find some dandruff shampoo.

Although it's common, here is the difference between dry scalp and dandruff:

Dry scalp versus dandruff

Now, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to dry scalp versus dandruff.

You get dry scalp when your scalp has little to no moisture.

It can also be caused by several other factors like old age, and something called contact dermatitis.

The main cause of dandruff is seborrhea dermatitis which is what causes the scalp to be oily, and scaly which is what the dandruff is when the scaled eventually fall off.

Checkout what causes dry skin and dandruff to really understand the difference and what's making your head snowy here.

It's probably best to even double check with a dermatologist.

Here are four things that will most likely help with your dry scalp:

  • Oiling your scalp 3-5 hours before hopping in the shower using 1 teaspoon olive oil and 1/2 teaspoon hemp seed oil. You'll probably notice that your hair will not shed as much, in fact, significantly much less. 
  • Using a gentle, all-natural shampoo that contains tea tree oil. There are several on the market. Using this type of shampoo will reduce a lot of the itchiness, as tea tree oil is soothing for the skin. You might still experience some flakiness, however.
  • Moisturizing the scalp using aloe vera gel after your scalp is dry. Aloe vera is lightweight and will not make your hair look greasy, and best of all, it will absorb right into the skin.
  • Changing up how often you wash your hair. If you shampoo often throughout the week, maybe wash every three days instead? If you wash every single day, then do wash every other day? Switch it up, and see what works best for you.

Here are some things that most likely will NOT help:

  • Apple cider vinegar diluted in water. This will most likely make your hair shed like crazy, since apple cider vinegar is used to treat dandruff mainly.
  • Anti-dandruff shampoos. Since you don't have dandruff, there is no point in using the shampoo to try and fix dry scalp. It will also be too drying since most anti-dandruff shampoos have sulfates in it.
  • Moisturizing shampoos. Most of these have glycerin at the very top of the ingredients list, which means it will try to absorb whatever moisture there is in the air. Although it sounds logical to fix your dry scalp, it will most likely just give you oily hair with residue and your scalp will still feel itchy. That's because the glycerin will not be absorbed by the skin, and will just sit on top of it and your hair.
  • Sulfates. Just no.
  • Other sulfate free harsh ingredient shampoos. Most likely will be more drying than sulfate shampoos.
  • Physically exfoliating your scalp. This will do nothing but make extra dry and sparse areas even more sparse and itchy. Just don't inflict this kind of injury to your scalp.
  • Salicylic acid. Usually this is used for acne treatment, and can tend to be a bit drying. It's not the worst, but still not the best treatment for your dry, flaky skin.

Here's the secret that will finally cure your dry scalp.

Applying a generous amount of aloe vera gel to your scalp and massaging for a few minutes, then rinse as per usual.

The best thing to do here is to buy an actual aloe vera plant leaf from the supermarket or health food store.

Scoop the gel from inside of the plant after splitting it open.

You can either put some nice smelling essential oil, and blend it together or just blend as is.

Slather it all over your scalp, massaging gently while doing this will be best.

The result?

No more itchy flaky scalp.

Aloe vera gel is a wonderful scalp moisturizer/conditioner.

It's lightweight and water soluble which means you only need water to rinse it out.

The thing to note here is, if you don't do anything else maybe try aloe vera out first and if it doesn't work try the other things mentioned.

What a relief, huh?

A clean, flake-free scalp, and it's yours!

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