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5 Genius Tricks to Cover Up Bald Spots

This article will show you step by step how to cover up your bald spots, bald patches, or balding edges.

Unfortunately, you lose your hair as you age and in general your skin and hair becomes brittle. 

Years of hair abuse such as tying your hair too tight, thus giving yourself a temporary facelift a la Bella Hadid. 


Bella hadid tight hairstyle. Temporary facelift.


Using too much heat.

Washing your hair too often.

Not using hair treatments.

These are things that we can do less of to prevent hair breakage and hair fall to get from thinning hair to thicker and more healthy hair.

In the meantime, lets go ahead and see what you can do now so your balding areas aren't so dang obvious!

You're going to need:

Shadow Primer + Shadow

girl covering up her bald spot with eyeshadow. receding hair female. female pattern baldness remedy. how to cover up bald spots female.

  1. Use your favorite eye shadow primer such as Urban Decay Primer Potion to rub over the area where your hair might be receding, or even balding.

  2. Take a makeup brush with shadow and layer it on with a flat brush.

  3. Blend the shadow with a fluffy brush.

  4. Brush through that area with a boar bristle brush.

Waterproof Mascara

water proof mascara to cover bald spots. good way to cover up female bald patches using mascara.

  1. Take your favorite waterproof mascara in your best shade. 

  2. Grab a disposable mascara wand and start taking some of the mascara to put on your bald patch or edges.

  3. Pat away some excess if it's too much. it's better to start off with a light hand and less product to build up.

  4. Brush it through the balding or receding area of your head.

Cocoa powder (or mix with turmeric if you have lighter hair) + makeup setting spray

girl using cocao powder to cover up bald patches. brunette female using cocoa powder to cover bald spots.

  1. Take some all natural cocao powder (preferably pure cocao powder with no other additives - regular cocoa powder has sugar and other ingredients that I personally wouldn't put in my hair) You can mix this with turmeric and arrowroot powder to make sure you have your hair shade if you have lighter or darker hair.

  2. Use a big makeup brush to grab the fine cocao powder bits and brush directly onto the scalp - start off with a small amount.

  3. Brush it out to make sure it's even!

  4. Spray makeup setting spray — it stays on all day! I use Urban Decay Stay Don't Stray.

Simple Hair Trick

covering up bald patches with hair. hair trick to cover baldness in female.

  1. It's all in how you tie your hair back. When you tie your hair back, you can see your receding hairline especially on your temples generally speaking.

  2. Make sure you're not fully pulling it all back tightly.

  3. Take a little section of hair from the front, and just pull it slightly to make it appear more full.

  4. You can also grab longer hairs from your ponytail and pin it to the front to cover your bald or receding patches.

  5. This simple trick will give the illusion that it's not as "bald", or thinning.

Clip In Hair Extensions 

hair extension hack. clip in hair extensions covering up bald patch. female pattern baldness coverup. clip in extensions covering up receding hair.

  1. You can use clip in hair extensions to cover up bald spots, and thinning hair. It's highly effective if done correctly.

  2. Take a 2 or 3 clip weft to cover these areas in a very sneaky, yet effective way.

  3. Use a super thin section of hair on top of the balding or thinning area to clip on the weft in a "U" shape, or in an angled way.

  4. Be sure to over the extensions with hair above the weft. 


If you'd like to see how to do all of these tricks, take a look at this quick video on how to cover up thinning temples with these 5 genius tricks.

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