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6 Ridiculously Useful Hair Accessories for Textured Hair

Finding hair accessories for textured hair isn't all that hard.

In fact, the same stuff you would use on straight hair can easily transfer over to curly or kinky hair, and even braids (with the exception of some accessories for braids).

Bobby Pins

These little suckers are a lifesaver when it comes to creating an elegant look, or if you just want your flyaways to stay in place in lieu of hairspray.

Make sure you get ones from a beauty supply store, and not the dollar store because the ones from the latter do not hold the hair in place since they are made of cheaper material.

The best ones have a strong grip, and can hold the lightest baby hairs down.

You can use them for elegant hair looks, short and medium hair styles, and of course long hair styles!

It is especially fun when you try simple hair styles on curly or kinky hair, because it will look flawless and the pins will blend in your hair as if you haven't used anything to style it.


Headbands are great to add some leverage to your outfit, along with taming frizzy and unruly hair.

Great for lazy hair days.

You should make sure that the material of your headband is either high quality silk or satin, since these materials will not cause hair dryness or breakage.

Ones that come with a flexible elastic is most recommended as it won't slip off your head, and it's comfortable to wear.

Such a chic addition to any outfit, and will definitely play up your dressed down look if you choose one that may have any jewels, sequins, or embroidery on the top.

Ribbon Wrap

Very similar to the headband, but it takes on a more retro appeal as it's just a thin lanyard of sorts.

You can get either a leather ribbon from any old clothing, or buy a yard of ribbon from crafting stores.

Tie it around either your whole head, or on top of your existing ponytail so as to say "i'm gorgeous with my texture".

You can even use wraps to tie along down a piece of a hair strand and be a cute extension of your natural hair.

Hair Cuffs

When you're tired of playing with different hair styles, and want to give yourself a break but still look fab, use hair cuffs!

Braid your hair in sections (or do cornrows), and just stick these little guys onto your strands.

It's kind of like bedazzling your hair!

Hair Wire

These are basically perfect to style up your braids and give yourself an edgy yet classy look.

You're the epitome of street style, and beautiful goddess is your middle name.

Create a scary spice-esque hairdo with two front buns and copper or gold wire wrapped around them, or play around with hair wire as a crown to bring the true goddess in you.

Get it!

Hair Rings

It's like earrings for your hair! Hair rings are great to bring a more bohemian vibe to your current look.

If you decide to put your hair up in a chignon or a relaxed braided updo hairstyle, slip in some rings in even sections around the braid or chignon.

Very beautiful and chic accessory that can liven up the everyday hairstyle instantly.

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