Quick Valentine's Day Pull Through Braid – Rues Hair

Quick Valentine's Day Pull Through Braid

You know when that time of year comes around, and you're either excited or dreading it.

That time of year is Valentine's Day!

Although I'm not big on holidays, it's the first Valentine's Day I will be celebrating with Erick as fiances.

Next year, we will celebrate as husband and wife! Woo!!

Anyway, this hairstyle was super easy to do.
Everyone complimented me on it at work today, and I'm sure you will get compliments too!
If you struggle with braids, then this is definitely something more doable.
Comment down below if you try it, and what you think!

Pull Through Braid

You will need:


Step 1

Section your hair by your crown, and tie your hair at the top of your head with a clear elastic band.

Step 2

Section another piece of hair right under the first one, this time above the ears. Tie with another clear elastic band.

Step 3

Take the first ponytail, and separate into two sections. Then, put the second ponytail between the first ponytail's two sections of hair, and clip the second ponytail up out of the way. Leave the first ponytail's two sections to the side.

Step 4

Section more hair underneath that one, and tie the two sections together with this section of hair.

Step 5

Let down the top ponytail (the second one) and divide into two sections. Put the bottom ponytail between the two sections you have, and clip up the bottom ponytail out of the way.

Step 6

Section some more hair underneath that, and tie it together with the two sections from the ponytail above it.

Step 7

Continue dividing the top ponytail, wrapping it around the bottom ponytail, and tying that hair with an elastic band.

Rinse and repeat until you reach the end of your hair.

Step 8

Pull on the sections of your braid to make it look fuller.

Step 9

Spray that bad boy with some hairspray, and smooth it over gently with your rat tail comb.

Hope you enjoyed this, and definitely give it a try!

Happy Valentines Day!



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