Can I Wear Hair Extensions on Short Hair? – Rues Hair

Can I Wear Hair Extensions on My Short Hair?

Yes, you can wear hair extensions on short hair. Rues Hair extensions are specifically designed for short to long hair for added length and volume. Short hair can benefit from hair extensions, as you can make your natural hair appear longer in just a few short minutes.

With the help of clip in hair extensions, you can have long flowy hair one day, and the next you can switch it up to your natural short hair. It's almost like magic, except it's just clip in hair extensions! It will definitely feel magical and dreamy when you put in your extensions and instantly have long healthy looking hair.

If you're bored of your short hair after having gone a "big chop", it might be a good option to invest in long hair extensions for those days you just don't feel like rocking your short do. You can also switch it up by adding some amazing hair accessories to pull together your look.

When you have a special occasion to attend, Rues Hair extensions can make your hair glamorous goddess status - stand out from the crowd and exude confidence with your new hair.