Where Can I Buy Hair Extensions? – Rues Hair

Where Can I Buy Hair Extensions?

You can purchase hair extensions online, as well as many other physical locations such as hair salons. Rues Hair extensions can be purchased on https://rueshair.com. Click on the Shop Hair menu item to select from 120 grams or 160 grams, and then select your perfect shade.

There are several hair extension brands that exist, but Rues Hair extensions are the only online brand that offers amazing quality human hair for the best price. Our hair is grade 9A, which is a very good quality - it is just below the highest quality hair grade 10A. Most hair extension companies (including wigs) offer grades 7A to 9A. The most expensive brands offer hair 10A hair quality.

Rues Hair extensions are made from real human hair. The hair is ethically sourced - no ickyness there.

Our hair originates from China and India, and is manufactured (sourced, washed, dyed, colored) in the most professional and hygienic way possible in the industry.

Rues Hair factory is rated top notch by other suppliers as well, and we take great pride in our abilities to provide such high quality hair.

We dye our hair with gentle dyes, sew our hair with and clips with durable thread, and end the process with a subtle coating of silicone. Once you wash your Rues Hair extensions set, the silicone coating will come off.

It is most recommended that you use silicone and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner on your first wash.